This online course consists of both theoretical and practical videos. Taping skills for virtually all injuries of the locomotor system will be covered. The material covered in this course is the same as if you had taken it in person at the Academy. In fact, we feel it is more effective because you can see/hear the videos as many times as you like, whenever you want it. You get to see the applications from 2 perspectives and there are no students standing in your way. This course is completed 100% on your terms, where you can see and hear the videos, whenever you have the time. You have full access to all of the videos for 1 month after the date they are purchased.

The purchase of Kinesiology Taping Pro Plus course gets you:

  • 1 month license for the course online
  • Special kinesiology tape scissors.
  • Remover spray
  • Pre-tape (Skin-tuffner)
  • 1 box Cure lymphatic tape
  • 1 box Cure 2.5 cm
  • 1 crate with 6 packs of 5 cm Cure tape in different colors
  • 1 package of Patch (trigger points tape)
  • The MTC tape book (in English) that cover any injury that could be taped, with the associated DVD
  • The products are sent free to your address