Kinesiology Tape Course

Kinesiology tape can be used as a supplement to your treatment with good effect, for a great number of dysfunctions; not just in the musculoskeletal system, but also for pain, lymph drainage, stability around joints as well as support for organ function. Kinesiology tape has been around since the late 1970s, but only within the past 10 years has it gained notoriety with great success in Europe and America.

This has only been possible with better understanding, from more knowledge, evidence and development, about the construction and use of Kinesiology tape.

This online course, provides detailed knowledge about the theoretical background, and explains with over 75 videos various musculoskeletal disorders. All the videos have captioned text, and most have close up Picture-in-Picture, so you get a clear overview of all the techniques.

You have free access to the course for 30 days, so you can watch the videos when you want and as many times as you want. The course is setup so that you can view it on your own terms.

This online course is fully on par with plain old-fashioned classroom courses. In fact, we think that it is a much better learning experience, because you get the videos from multiple angles and can watch them repeatedly, until you have learned the different techniques. With conventional onsite class teaching, not everyone can see the teacher and his teaching equally, the students upfront will normally stand and usually block the view from the others in the room, while they record on their smartphones. Here are you sitting in the first row.

Not only do you have full access to the videos for 30 days, you will also receive a full compendium that follows the entire online teaching. This compendium, you can download and print so that you have a copy when the course is completed, and still have for reference material so that you can use it to look up information if there are ever any doubts or questions about the video or training material. The compendium is also of great benefit, of course, during your course, because it follows the teaching of the videos.

All the videos and the material are in an easy to understand English, and we have put the instruction in mind, so that you do not have any problems understanding or problems with learning. You will still have the help that you need, in that you can write directly to the professors, should you be in doubt about some of the videos. However, we recommend that you see a couple of videos in their entirety first, before you write to the professors, because more often than not, the answer to the question you may have will be provided in the following video(s).

Not only will you get more out of the course than regular class attendance, but it is also much cheaper as you don’t have to use the traveling time/costs, maybe even overnight accommodations if the course lasts several days. You don’t have to close your clinic, but can take the course as it now fits into your everyday life with work and family.

Normally, there are three types of Kinesiology courses in a traditional classroom setting:

Course 1: reviewing the theoretical understanding and practical construction of the tape on spine and upper extremities.

Course 2: further builds on the techniques from the first course, as well as, an addition of techniques for treating the lower extremities.

Course 3: is typically an advanced Kinesiology taping course, where you get an understanding of how to tape to support the organs and their functions, as well as more advanced injuries.

In this online course, Kinesiology Taping, includes all three of these courses gathered into one course, so not only do you save a lot of money, but you save time in having to attend various classes.

Once you have gone through the entire course and are familiar with all the techniques, you will need to take a short, but simple test. This test is a multiple-choice test, with 25 questions that you must answer and return. The test is not difficult, and will easily be passed, if you’ve seen all the videos. Then you will receive an international diploma, certifying that you have reviewed, understood and passed an exam in understanding and application of Kinesiology tape.

The knowledge you will gain, will give you enormous benefits in dealing with patients in your clinic. You will have more satisfied patients, because you are able to provide a better service and better treatment with the addition of Kinesiology tape to your normal treatments.

There are three types of Kinesiology tape online courses; a Basic course, a Pro course and a Pro Plus course. From an educational prospective, you will receive exactly the same material as far as the videos and compendium are concerned, regardless of the course package you choose.

In the Basic course, you will only receive the videos and compendium.

In the Gold course, you will receive these as well as, other material you need to do these techniques.

Finally, the Platinum course comes with all the above, plus a book and additional materials for performing the techniques – we feel this gives you the best start to getting Kinesiology taping in your clinic and providing you with what you need to apply these techniques.

When you click “start today”, you can see the difference between the prices, and what is included between the various course packages.

We would like to wish you the best of luck in your course and hope you enjoy Kinesiology Taping.

-Lasota Online Academy

Kinesiology Tape