Welcome to your Electro Acupuncture

How is the electricity direction between negative and positive leads?

How is the Qi direction in the meridians?

Which one is the best choice for reinforcing organs?

In foot yin meridians, which one is distal?

In foot yang meridians which one is proximal?

Which one is contraindicated in EA?

Which one is the EA advantage to MA (manual Acupuncture)?

What is the best way of selecting ear acupuncture points?

How long is the normal EA treatment?

In which meridian we should cross the leads (from left to right of body)?

How can we prevent adaptation in EA?

In a Mu/Shu therapeutic input…

hen a foot yin channel point is connected to a trunk point,…

In connecting points Li4 to St36 …

We want to stimulate a Tendino-muscular therapeutic input with EA…

In a 4 channel EA machine…

To increase the “Dosage” of EA…

Which one moves the “Qi stagnation” better?

Which one reinforces the “deficient organ” better?

Can we use EA for deactivating trigger points?

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